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This site should not be taken as providing advice on any insurance, financial or other service. Our service is simply the provision of information in the form of links from this site which are given for the convenience of the user. Each person should satisfy themself as to the accuracy of information and the legitimacy of any site to which we link. We are not insurance brokers, advisers, intermediaries or brokers of any kind. We are not your agents in any respect.
Links leading directly or indirectly to insurance, financial or other services companies are provided as a service which is incidental to our main business activity. Links are there merely to facilitate communication between any person wishing to obtain a quotation for insurance or other service and the service provider. Persons should rely solely on the content as displayed on the web site where they arrive after leaving our web site. Nothing on our web site shall be regarded as guaranteeing, verifying or endorsing any level of cover, term, condition suitability, or any aspect of the site or services provided on any other web site or by any other company. We do try to be as factual as possible on our own web site but things may change with or without our knowledge and you are advised to make your own checks of suitability, terms, conditions, cover or exclusions that may be imposed by other site owners.
Services linked to from our site are wholly provided by other companies.
We do not endorse or recommend or offer any opinion about any site not owned by ourselves. We do not rank, rate or recommend any particular external site or company and no inferences of this nature should be drawn from, say, the placement of a link on a page or within a list. Links are simply displayed for the convenience of our site design techniques or possibly because placement is beyond our control. Some links are supplied by external companies e.g. Online Media Group (OMG) and these listed links are sourced from an independent Pay-Per-Click search engine. Sites at the top of the list pay for each click to their web site and it is the amount that they are prepared to pay per click which determines their site's placement on a list. This does not mean that they are any better than any other site or company. They are merely willing to pay more for their position on a list. We may display other links to other sites that cannot be placed into the same list as those that come from OMG. In those cases, you may find those links placed in a different position on our web pages. Therefore, if you find a site for a company at the top of a list, high up on a list, or on its own, or somehow separate from other links on the page you should not regard the choice of placement as significant so far as recommendations or suitability or relevance are concerned. We simply refrain from making any comment or recommendation regarding any other company or web site.
Where we use the word "independent" or "external" it is to clarify that companies or web sites are independent of ourselves. We have no control over, or responsibility for, the sites and pages you may access on clicking links that lead away from our web site, or where subsequent links may take you. We do not advise you and are not authorised to give you any advice on the subject of which company is the best, which cover is right for you or what cover you do, or do not, need. You must take responsibility for deciding which product to purchase, if any.
We are not authorised to assist you in any way related to the purchase of goods, services, arranging of your insurance or any other service, whether financial or non-financial. You must take full responsibility for arranging your own service. No statement on our site should be taken as constituting advice. Any opinions expressed within the site are merely the opinions of the owners and you should not rely on those opinions but make your own checks and judgments yourself.
We do not guarantee any other company in any way. You should check the sites to which we link for their own terms and conditions. You may wish to consult your own financial adviser in advance of purchasing any goods or services provided by the sites linked from this site. The value of investments can rise or fall. Any loan or other borrowing that you arrange will be accompanied by warnings that should be located at the web site of the lenders or their agents. This will include but is not limited to the warning that, for example, your home is at risk of you do not keep up the payments on a loan or mortgage secured on the property in question. Additional warnings may be encountered for any service and the company providing the service to you should supply you with warnings, key facts, terms, conditions, and full particulars of any product that you may be considering. We do not accept any responsibility or liabilities for decisions you may take based on the information we provide whether directly or indirectly, nor for information provided on sites to which we offer links.
We do not sell any insurance or financial service product ourselves. No information on our site shall be taken as forming part of any contract for services that you may obtain from another company.
Persons should take time to check the credentials of the site owners to which they may be referred. UK insurance providers are usually regulated by duly authorised bodies such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). We are not authorised or regulated by the FCA. We do not give advice, we do not offer assistance in the arranging of insurance nor do we recommend any company. The links that we provide are incidental to our main business activities and are provided merely to permit you to communicate with site owners who may offer services that you seek.
Do check the status of any company from whom you may purchase insurance or other financial services. Their web sites should contain details of their regulation and authorisation status. We do not guarantee any other company in any way. We do not guarantee that all companies to whom you may be taken are regulated and/or correctly authorised notwithstanding any statements on our site. We would have no way of knowing whether companies accessible from our site are fully compliant with all rules and regulations of the FCA or other regulatory body nor whether their memberships are up to date and their business practices are fully approved. Please make your own enquiries to verify any other web site's or company's standing. The presence of a listing, link or other mention of any other company on our site should not be taken as confirmation that the company is correctly authorised by law to offer services.
If you decide to purchase insurance or any other service you should be sure to read all terms and conditions on the site of the providers. The terms and conditions on the providers' sites will supercede all information that you may read on our web site. Our site does not guarantee that any particular aspect of cover or service is provided as standard, as an extra, or at all even though there may be mention of what level of cover can possibly be arranged. If you require a particular level of cover or service then you should check at the web site of the provider that this is provided including whether such service is only available at an extra cost or only available to a limited extent.
Any healthcare information displayed or linked from this site is provided by third parties. Visitors should take their own medical advice before relying on any advice provided by the contributors.
Licence is not granted for any person to use the information we provide in any commercial or non-commercial manner whether that person obtains any money or other consideration for the dissemination of such information or not.
The owners of this site accept no responsibility for any healthcare information or advice displayed, or linked to, or for any service, information or advice whatsoever.

This is an affiliate web site whereby we have selected valued merchant sites where you may obtain quotes and services. In order for our site to work efficiently, it has to make sure that your clicks are appropriately allocated and linked as having originated from our site e.g. when you are taken off to an advertiser's or merchant's site. We may also study our web site's statistics so that we can improve the efficiency of our site. These tasks are facilitated by the use of cookies which are snippets of code that cause no harm whatsoever to you or your browsing experience. Consult your browser Help section if you wish to disable cookies but if you do so, this will reduce the effectiveness of our site and may make for a less successful navigation towards the links that we have carefully selected for you. If you are happy with our assurances, please continue to use our site and the links provided and we are confident that our site will be of value to you.

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