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OK, so you picked the shortest route, but why did it take you twice as long to get there? The UK's roads are more clogged than they have ever been. It only takes a bit of rain, or a minor bump and there could be snarl-ups all day long.

If you were more informed about road works, by-passes, new link-roads and alternative routes, you could reduce your travelling time and your frustration.

The organisation responsible for the UK road network is the Highways Agency, a government sponsored body. Check their site when you're about to set off and look for the "Knowledge Centre" and then the "Current Traffic Conditions" link to see the hot-spots.

If you just need a route plan from A to B, try the AA Route Planner. You can select your starting and finishing locations and even add several "via" options that will take the worry out of your whole day's travel plans.

Do you think that some motorways are "pathetic"? If so, there is someone who shares your view and has gone to the extent of producing a web site called Pathetic Motorways. See whether you share their views and add your own submission if you like.

If you want to just avoid the motorways, try this publication from Amazon -


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