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Q:  How many mobile phones are stolen every month?
2,000? 5,000? 10,000? More?
Scroll down for the answer. mobile phone insurance

Your household insurance policy may not provide adequate cover for a cellphone. Here we give you access via links external to our web site so that you can seek alternative quotes for mobile phone insurance.

What would be the consequences to you of losing your mobile telephone to a thief?

  • the loss of your business phone number
  • the cost of replacing your mobile phone
  • the cost of new connection charges
  • the cost of the calls made by the thief
Remember - the cost of a new mobile phone is usually subsidised but replacement costs are not! It could cost you up to £450 or more to replace your cellphone.

mobile phone insurance online What can be covered -

  • Water damage
  • Theft
  • Loss
  • Fraudulent calls
  • International cover
  • Extended warranty
  • Accidental damage
Check each insurer's policy for cover, variations, terms, conditions, excesses & other limitations

Answer to the question "How many mobile phones are stolen every month?" -

45,000 mobile phones are stolen EVERY month

If you would like to check the cost of insuring against the costs and inconveniences of losing your mobile telephone, follow the links on this page to external sites and check whether you can economically cover yourself if you are added to this worrying statistic.

Quote links on this page take you to external web site(s) for which we have no control or responsibility, nor where subsequent links may take you. See our Disclaimer/Legal Notice.

mobile phone insurance online
mobile telephone insurance

iPod Insurance
iPod insurance

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