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medical negligence claim

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Medical Negligence Solicitors
medical negligence solicitors

Medical Negligence can often be a hard case to make. One is often judging the doctor's actions with the benefit of hindsight and the burden of proving that the doctor has been negligent can be difficult. Should the doctor have acted differently? Should he be criticised when things go wrong? Well, as always, it is down to an interpetation of that word - "negligence".

Did the doctor fail to do something that a reasonably competent doctor would have done in the same circumstances? Did he treat you differently to how his colleagues would have treated you according to your symptoms that he saw at the time? Remember that a doctor is making life and death decisions all the time and relying on others for assistance. A medical negligence claim is seldom an easy one. And courts are not easily going to find against a doctor who makes an understandable wrong decision.

One also has to find a specialist to provide evidence of what may be his own hospital colleague's failings and doctors wiling to act as experts in court for these cases can be hard to find. Therefore, with the problems of proving blame, and of being able to collect sufficient evidence in your favour, one may have difficulty in locating a solicitor willing to take on your case in the first place.

Many solicitors will simply not take on your case on a no-win-no-fee basis so you may have to be prepared to pay for your initial representation, with no guarantee that your costs will be recovered until after the negligent doctor's legal representatives have admitted liability.

Claims falling into the medical negligence category can include actions against doctors, surgeons, dentists, paramedical service providers, anaeasthetists, hospital authorities, etc.

Nevertheless, there are some solicitors who are willing to consider cases on their merits, and on a no win no fee basis so click below for medical negligence claim solicitors.

medical negligence solicitors
Medical Negligence Solicitors



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