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Anti-fraud Car Data Checks

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Pre-purchase anti-fraud vehicle check online

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car data check

Let's face it, buying a car today is one of biggest expenditures that you will make. We all want the purchase to go smoothly and for there to be no problems. But, is the car that you are about to buy really what it seems? vehicle fraud check

The car may well be stolen, even if the seller has the log book in his hands. It may have been written off by an insurance company and bodge-repaired so that it can be sold to some unsuspecting buyer. It may be a car with another set of number plates on it. You could end up losing lots of money if you do not check it carefully.

Would it not make sense to run a car data check before parting with thousands of pounds? When you realise too late what sort of car you have bought, the seller, if a private individual, might just quote "caveat emptor" at you (let the buyer beware).

vehicle history check Suppose you buy a stolen car and only find out about its history after you have paid money to the thief. It does not matter that you may have bought it in good faith. Ownership always rests with the person from whom it was stolen. The thief cannot pass on good title to you because the thief did not have good title himself. You will have to give the car back to the owner and ask the thief to give you back you money. Needless to say, don't hold your breath.

Perhaps you were considering a car and were told that it was an Insurance Category E total loss. A private seller is not be obliged to tell you if you don't ask, but if you are told, how would you respond?
Would you still buy it?

Click for Insurance Damage Category Explanations

NEWS - STOLEN BATCH OF VRD'S - source: Daily Express
The DVLA has admitted that up to 9,000 VRDs have been stolen and are missing. The serial numbers begin AP or AN. If you buy a car that is accompanied by a false VRD then you may not become the legal owner. It is very possible that it could be a stolen car. If so, the police, or the true owner, will take it away from you. Naturally, these are not the only VRDs that have ever been stolen. There are plenty of crooks out there ready to take advantage of honest people like you.

Is it not prudent to get a car data check before you buy it? For an insignificant fee (compared to the amount of money you are about to spend on buying a car) you can have the following checks done for you -

  • Outstanding Finance
  • Stolen (Police Interest)
  • Write off / Recorded Accident Damage
  • Mileage
  • Common Faults
  • Scrapped by the DVLA
  • Subject to Plate Transfers
  • Colour Changes
  • Make and Model
  • Number of Former Keepers
  • VIN (Chassis Number) Check
  • Engine Number and Size
  • Exported
  • Date First Registered
  • Year Manufactured
  • Colour
  • Fuel
Up to 77 fields available - Classic, Gold or Platinum Check options.

Don't risk it - get your car data checked now.

mycarcheck - car data check

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