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No Win No Fee Accident Claim
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If you, or someone you know, has been involved in an accident caused by the fault of another person or organisation, you may be entitled to compensation. If you would like a Free Legal Assessment on the prospects of your claim, just click to visit our sister web site where there is an online Claims Wizard. This will ask you for information about your accident and will be used by the solicitor who will handle your accident claim.

Claims can be handled for these types of incident -

Injury claims should exceed £1,000 in value. Don't worry if you don't know the value of your injuries. Our solicitors will be able to make an assessment when they receive your details.

Non-injury claims can be handled but they should have a value of at least £5,000. Again, the valuation of your losses can be estimated by the solicitors.

accident claim The solicitors used enjoy a high success rate in the cases that they handle. Also, they will take on many cases that other solicitors wil not try. The modern-day way of processing claims is that the representatives of the two parties (usually your solicitor and the other party's insurance company) are obliged to do their best to agree a settlement. Whilst it is not impossible for a claim to make it to court, claims are invariably settled without the need for a hearing.

Most parties who cause accidents will be insured e.g. via their motor insurance company, a personal liability section of their house insurance policy or a public liability insurance policy for a company. Employers, by law, are obliged to have employers liability insurance that will cover their worker's accident claims.

Why endure pain, suffering and financial loss from an accident without obtaining your rightful entitlement to compensation? Now, you can have your compensation on a No Win No Fee basis.

no win no fee The guarantee given to you by the solicitors is that there will be no fee payable for the handling of your claim. If you win you will pay nothing. If you lose, you will pay nothing. You will retain 100% of your compensation. You will not be asked to take out a loan. You will not be asked to take out a special insurance policy.

After you complete the online Claims Wizard form, the solicitors will do a quick assessment of the accident to see whether any extra information from you would be helpful. accident compensation The solicitor will assess your chances and, if the prospects are good, you will be sent a form to sign giving authority to pursue your claim. Only then will you be obligated to allow the solicitor to handle your accident compensation claim for you.

If you have special requirements e.g. you need a hire vehicle whilst your car is being repaired, or if you have any questions at any time, the solicitor will be happy to respond as soon as possible.

You may be asked to provide documents to prove your financial losses e.g. wage slips or a repair estimate. Also, you may need to undergo a medical examination so that your claim for damages can be properly assessed. If your recovery may take a long time, more than one medical examination may be required. The solicitor will be able to keep you informed about progress and requirements.

This type of claim can be harder to prove than a 'straightforward' accident claim, medical negligence claim but there are solicitors willing to take on clinical negligence claims on a no win no fee basis. For information concerning a possible medical negligence claim, click here for our Medical Negligence section.

Employment Law representation is not usually provided on a no-win-no-fee basis. unfair dismissal claim There are, however, many employment law specialist solicitors who may be able to offer you assistance at a fee. Some will offer a free initial consultation. These cases may include unfair dismissal claims, constructive dismissal and other disputes at work short of you having lost your job. To check for possible employment law solicitors, click here for our Employment Law section.

It would be greatly appreciated if you would refrain from approaching any other firm of solicitors until your claim has been assessed and responded to. It is not efficient for several solicitors to be working on your claim at the same time. It would be better to wait a day or two and you have had a response from the solicitors before you approach any other firm. Thank you for your co-operation on this.

To begin the process, click here for a -

accident claim


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